“To visualize form and structure where there is empty space, or see hidden potentials in an existing structure… that is the passion that fuel’s my architect’s imagination. The act of interpreting space is a continuing process of fusing contradictions, synthesizing opposite forces and rearranging the expected order of things. But always within the context of the client’s needs and objectives, which makes the experience all the more challenging and fulfilling.” – Ed Kozanlian

Speaking the language of space

With over 20 years of conceptual and hands-on experience in residential and commercial architecture and landscape design, Kozanlian Architecture and Design has built its reputation on integrated solutions that combine classic aesthetic disciplines with future-forward functionality.


Vision and versatility

Long recognized for our needs-driven approach to creating and adapting environments, we strive to translate each client’s personal sensibilities and practical considerations to the demands of the project – whether a renovated city loft or rustic country house, a grand prewar apartment or state-of-the-art sound studio, corporate office, retail environment or local community center. Such multi-disciplinary experience makes us uniquely qualified and fully equipped to apply a rich and versatile vocabulary articulated through form and light, color and texture, line and dimension.


No matter what the size or scope of your commission, you can expect direct involvement of our principal, Ed Kozanlian, in all phases of the project. This includes the initial interview and site assessment, bidding and cost estimating, structural design, interiors and furnishings, lighting, cabinetry, utilities and appliances, and every detail in between from electrical outlets to floorboard motifs.


This streamlined organizational model promotes consistent communications, expedites decision making and completes the project on schedule and within budget.


Core Values that build solid relationships

Integrity is the cornerstone of our practice. We maintain longstanding relationships with corporate and individual clients who value accountability and responsibility, personal attention and customized solutions.


Environmentally Conscious

We have also long embraced the environmental principles and practices of Green architecture. Our commitment to energy efficiency, health, safety and environmentally responsible standards is incorporated into every project we undertake.


Born in Europe, raised in New York City and a graduate of the School of Architecture and School of Landscape Architecture of the University of the City of New York, Ed is licensed and registered as an architect and landscape architect in several states. His completed work covers the tri-state area and other regions of the country.


For more information, please contact us by email at info@kozanlian.com or call 212-838-4438.